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Lesson 6: Teaching Long Vowel Sounds. REVIEW: Before moving on, it is very important that your student is proficient with the short vowel sounds and the

In this vowel sound activity, students will learn the vowels through a song, play a short vowel game with the song, and do a missing vowel exercise with

Songs that Teach the Vowels and their Sounds Long, Short , and Variant Vowel Sounds. These vowel sound songs are available from a variety of albums:

Information: Short Vowel A Puzzle. Match the picture with the short vowel 'A' word. Information: Short Vowel O Worksheet. Long Vowel O Worksheet.

Free Teacher Phonics Worksheets / Printables. More Phonics Worksheets / Teacher Short Vowels Worksheet: 5 ยท Sounds Like: Word Beginnings Version 1

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